What We Do

Nightingale Foundation
Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

The mission of Nightingale Foundation is to provide Nightingale College’s nursing students with resources needed for attending and completing their academic programs.

Vision Statement

The vision of Nightingale Foundation is to improve the nation’s health outcomes, health equity, and eliminate the nursing shortage by increasing access to pre- and post-licensure nursing education by providing resources for traditionally underserved and underrepresented student populations.

Helping to Support the Next Generation of Nurses


Nurses say their mental health has suffered


Nurses say their units are inadequately staffed


Nurse still think nursing is a great career

Source: Nurse.org, State of Nursing 2022, January 2022

Ways to Support

Scholarship Program

The purpose of the scholarship program is to provide resources to students who are in financial hardship and need assistance to start or complete their nursing programs. These resources do not require repayment and make the difference between those who can’t afford to attend a program or financially can’t finish a program.

The goal with these funds is to close the equity gaps that exist for underserved and underrepresented populations.

Perpetual Education Fund

The purpose of the perpetual education fund is to give underserved and underrepresented populations access to free capital to attend or finish nursing school. This is made possible through healthcare partners and providers and special donors that fund nursing seats. These funds are loaned, interest-free, to current or prospective nursing students. Once repaid, the funds are then reloaned to the next generation in perpetuity.

The goal of creating access to interest-free loans to attend nursing programs is how the foundation is closing equity gaps and increasing access across the United States.


Nightingale Foundation is working diligently to obtain financial support for nurses in every state from Alaska to Florida. The financial solutions we will provide will remove the long-standing barriers to nursing education.

Together we can improve the quality of care we all should enjoy by supporting nursing education and, finally, solving the nursing shortage in the U.S.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How are candidates selected?

Students must be accepted to one of the College’s nursing programs and meet all outlined criteria in the application process.

What programs are available?

The foundation offers a variety of different scholarship programs each year. Please go to https://nightingalefoundation.submittable.com/submit for a list of our current, open scholarship opportunities.

Where is the Foundation located?

The headquarters is in Salt Lake City. Staff and volunteers are throughout the United States.

95 South State Street, Suite 400

Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Are resources available to students outside the United States?

Currently the Foundation only assists students who are accepted to Nightingale College and live within the United States.

How can my employer support the Foundation?

The Foundation works with a vast variety of healthcare partners. If your facility would like to partner with the Foundation, please have them contact our Executive Director, Katy Shoemaker at [email protected]

What is the relationship between Nightingale College and the Foundation?

Founding executives of the College started the Foundation in 2023. The Foundation’s mission is to help learners who attend Nightingale College with the needed resources to become a nurse graduate.

The Foundation remains committed to partnering with the College because of its strong vision, mission, and values that reflect the purpose of the Foundation. The College’s programs also are uniquely designed to serve the communities that need greater access to nursing education.

Who runs the Foundation?

The Foundation is run by the Executive Director, Katy Shoemaker. The Board of Directors services the Foundation. The Board has one College alumni seat, three healthcare leader seats, and three College seats.